Introduce[Easy to organize and collect] The cutting board is equipped with 4 organizer trays (with lid), strong and durable, lightweight, easy to move, and equipped with a dishwasher. The cutting board also has an integrated juice chute, which can capture excess juice and water dripping onto the counter or table. [Wide drop zone] The cutting board with tray is used for cutting cheese, meat, cutting vegetables or preparing vegetables. After shredding them, slide them into the tray through the large opening. By using these trays, you can cut all kinds of food while keeping the work surface cluttered. [Pros and cons of 4 kinds of planing machines] Including 4 kinds of surfaces, which are used for rough grinding, middle grinding, straight cutting and shredding. The color grater can be placed compactly on the placement area, which is very convenient for you to prepare meals. [Left-handed or right-handed] This cutting board is very suitable for right-handed or left-handed users, just turn the engraving board over and rearrange the trays. At the same time, with the updated design of the built-in handle, the pattern conversion process has become so simple!
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